is my kitchen a good candidate for cabinet refacing

Is My Kitchen a Good Candidate for Cabinet Refacing?

Apr 19, 2023

If you’re looking to update your kitchen cabinetry, refacing may be a great option for your home. Cabinet refacing is an excellent way to update your current kitchen cabinets and make them look and feel brand new – without the price tag of new cabinets. However, not every kitchen is a good candidate for this option. If you’ve been wondering, “is my kitchen a good candidate for cabinet refacing?”, read on to find out!

Cabinet Refacing Vs. Cabinet Painting Vs. New Cabinets

There are three main options out there for updating your cabinets. These include refacing, painting, and getting all-new cabinets.

  1. Cabinet refacing – This process includes replacing your doors with new doors in the color or finish of your choice. Then, we apply a matching veneer to your existing cabinets. In most cases, hardware is also updated. This gives a whole new look and feel without having to throw your functioning cabinet boxes in the landfill.
  2. Cabinet paintingCabinet painting is the process of applying a new coat of paint over your existing cabinet boxes and doors. This is the least expensive option of the three. It also saves your existing boxes from getting wasted or thrown in the landfill. The downside of painting is that the style and overall condition of your cabinets and doors cannot be changed.
  3. New cabinets – Last of all, new cabinets are a good option when your cabinets are in pretty bad shape or you want to change the layout of your kitchen. This is definitely the most costly option, but it does allow you the opportunity to change virtually anything about your cabinets or layout.

Is my kitchen a good candidate for cabinet refacing?

We love that cabinet refacing offers the option of major updates, while also saving you thousands of dollars. In addition, it’s less disruptive to your home and kitchen than most other options.

However, it’s not necessarily a good option for every kitchen. Here’s what you’ll want to consider before pursing cabinet refacing:

Are your cabinets in decent shape?

While the doors of your cabinets will all be replaced during the cabinet refacing process, the boxes will remain. They’ll have a new wood or painted veneer applied so that they match the new doors.

Still, it is important that the components of your cabinets don’t have water damage, are not falling apart, are made of solid hardwood, and have a durable factory finish.

Do you like the layout of your kitchen?

Unlike brand new cabinets, refacing does not allow you to change the layout of your kitchen significantly. While we can add new cabinets in empty spaces, the existing cabinets cannot be moved or rearranged.

If you don’t like the layout of your cabinets and are leaning toward more of a major kitchen renovation, new cabinets are probably a better choice for you.

Do your cabinets have wax build up?

Unfortunately, certain cleaning products can disqualify cabinets from the refacing process. Products such as Pledge and Old English impart contaminates and create a wax build up on the finish of your cabinets. This prevents the veneer from properly bonding to the boxes.

Other considerations

Lastly, cabinet refacing is best in a climate controlled environment, such as a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. Garages or damp/moist basements are usually not good places for refacing, as the moisture can quickly ruin the finish of your newly refaced cabinets.


Have questions about your kitchen?


Not sure whether or not your kitchen is a good candidate for cabinet refacing? We can help! If you have any questions about your kitchen or the above qualifications for the cabinet refacing process, we’d love to talk and answer any questions. Just book a phone call today!

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