Your cabinet refacing quote

Your Cabinet Refacing Quote – What’s Included and How to Compare Pricing

Jun 3, 2023

At Veracity, the first steps in the cabinet refacing process include an initial, 30-minute phone call, followed by a visit to your home. At this visit, we’ll show you the options in regards to wood species, door profile, crown molding, and more. We’ll listen to your goals for your kitchen and then take measurements in order to create an accurate quote. Soon after this visit, you can expect a quote from us in your email inbox. Here’s what you can expect to find in your cabinet refacing quote, and what’s included in our process.


What should I expect my cabinet refacing quote to look like?


Itemized description of services


Your refacing quote will have a detailed description of services, so you can easily refer to it as you consider the components discussed. This may include the number of doors or drawers we’ll be replacing, veneer species/color, hardware, molding, and any other aspects we discussed together.


Description of services


Optional additions


In addition to the main portion of your refacing job (such as in the above image), we’ll also denote any optional additions that you might be consider. For many clients, these optional aspects include new storage solutions, new drawer boxes, specialty hardware, etc.

You’ll be able to see the cost for each portion of your quote, including each additional option. This way, you can decide which possibilities best fit in your budget.

If you want to know more about what cabinet refacing costs, check out this post.


What services are included in my cabinet refacing quote?


Your cabinet refacing quote doesn’t just account for the new materials. Here are the other aspects that are included in your quote.


Disposal of old doors and other components


Disposal of dozens of doors, drawers, and other wood components can be a big (and sometimes expensive) job. At Veracity, we want to make the entire cabinet refacing process as smooth as possible for you. Unless you want to keep them, we’ll remove and dispose of your old doors and cabinet components, so you don’t have to give it a second thought.


Measurements to correctly order and install the custom-made components


Your new cabinets, drawers, and other components are custom-made to fit your kitchen. For DIYers, measuring for new cabinets can be a stressful job. One wrong measurement can cost hundreds. We guarantee accurate measurements – or we’ll cover the replacement cost!


New materials


Of course, the new materials discussed in your quote will be included unless otherwise specified. This generally accounts for doors, drawers, drawer fronts, veneer, paint, hinges, molding, paneling, etc.


Installation labor


Lastly, the installation labor is also included in your refacing quote. Depending on your kitchen and the complexity of your refacing project, most installs take 5-8 business days. This includes preparing and applying the new veneer, installing the new materials, and any other services we’ve discussed.

With refacing, you’ll still have access to your kitchen appliances before and after work hours each day. Plus, you won’t have to worry about intense masking or paint fumes in your home, since all of the painting is done in our shop before the install begins.


Ready for your quote?


Our process is simple, and it starts with a quick and easy phone call. If you’re ready to get a cabinet refacing quote, simply fill out our form with your contact information and preferred time to schedule a phone call.

If you’re not ready yet, feel free to read more about the cabinet refacing process, or visit our blog for more helpful articles about refacing.

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